Friday, August 12, 2011


Last few days I had went to have medical check up ( blood test ).  I was nervous since it was my first time to do the medical check up. Before this, when I was going for university they just need us to simple medical check up like x-ray, urine test and eyes test. I think most people were doing the same procedure.

Before check for the blood, as usual I need fasting. No food and drink for one night till the next day. Water also cannot drink @@. When was waiting the nurse to take blood, I was so nervous. I know they won't took so much blood like when I was donating blood before. Still, when I imagined the syringe my heart was beat so fast. After done the blood test, it actually not as scary as what I imagined before. =)

When I received the report today, I felt so relived. Thanks GOD !!!! It just like you waiting for your SPM result. All aspect was good. The doctor just said maintain my usual diet and exercise bit to burn off the BAD cholesterol ( LDL cholesterol ). Then he advised me to inject for the hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

I felt so happy that the report was good because before this my body had many "little" problem. Thanks to GOD! 

p/s : For all teenagers 14-19( girls), it is advisable for you all to go for HPV vaccine as soon as possible. The HPV vaccine is to protect yourself against cervical cancer. Prevention is better than cure ! 

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