Tuesday, August 2, 2011

List of Dramasss

A thing that must do during holidays - WATCH DRAMA.

For the very first time I had the patience to download the drama. I feel proud of myself. HAHAHA. The drama that mostly downloaded are Hong Kong drama. I never felt bored watching TVB drama. I wonder why their story line was interesting. 

Below are list of the drama that I had watched during this long long holidays :)


My favorite - Detective Drama :)



This is quite a SAD drama about a spy who work as teacher.

花花世界 花家姐

 I don't really like her (佘诗曼 )role in this drama.

Pig Pig猪 is the only main attraction in this drama.


The story about justice in nowadays world.


A conflict that happen between two family. Nice drama.


The other truth which will reveal by all the lawyer and you can't imagine sometime the justice is aint easy to be achieved !

The only Korea drama that I had downloaded - CITY HUNTER.

Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young -  the handsome and pretty :)


All the drama was download from AzDrama.Net

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