Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hello September ! I hope it won't too late for me to say hello to this new month.

So, this is what happened recently:

1. Done my 10weeks practical in NIOSH Miri. 

Seriously, this 10 weeks I had learnt a lot. What I had gained from this 10 weeks was valuable to me. Spend my internship with my 2 partner, Phoebe & Cheryl. These two girls really make my intern life more WONDERFUL ! Thank you girls and wish both of you have a bright future ^^

Our super awesome SUPERVISOR ! ^^

2. Spending time at beach.

3. Owned my very long awaited instax camera !

What could I say more, I got " Piano Black" as my early convo gift. Thank you for fulfill my this year birthday wish :)

4. Eat lots of food since I'm jobless now..hahaha

 Super big bowl of tom yam mee hun !

Mango addiction

All time favorite laksa !

5. Funfair Mode.

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