Thursday, October 7, 2010

Convo Exhibition

 6-11 October was the convo time for UNIMAS. My faculty held some exhibition in our faculty. There are 3 department that involved which is Human Resources Development, Cognitive Science and Counseling. As second year of Cognitive Science, all of  us were involved for the exhibition. Our job was just easy. All we have to do is wait for people visiting and explain to them What is Cognitive Science. :)

This was some pictures that I took during my duty since that time was not much people coming yet :)



 Human Development Psychology

 Handmade clock ^^

 Place to put the pads. Design by my coursemates. I think this is very good since it used recycle container and it quite convenient *thumbs up*
 Ergonomic environment for kindergarten

The Counseling Department

 This is cool. You can know your stress level :)
 I love this 


The counseling lecturers

So, we welcome all  the students, parents and visitors to visit our exhibition at Ground Floor of FCSHD. 

We will start our exhibition from 7-11 October (8am - 5pm except Sunday).

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