Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World's Coolest Intern

This is my expression when I receive email from nuffnang about the contest.

6 months internship program + SGD 30 000 + Standard Chartered = COOL

Where else you can find such good pay for internship program?
The answer is only STANDARD CHARTERED

So, why should I be chosen for the internship program with Standard Chartered ? First of all, I am a cool person. Cool doesn't mean that you have to look fierce and no smile on your face. For me, cool is an impression that you give to others no matter in what situation even when you are sad :D

Second, because I'm a CS. CS not for couter strike here..hehe... CS = Cognitive Science. In Malaysia, only my university is offering the course cognitive science. It really a rare subject in Malaysia or even in Asia. As CS student, I learned everything from psychology, programming, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistic and computer science. We learned what engineering, computer science, psychology students are learning. To survive in this course was not an easy task. Believe ME !  As my lecturer said, who was successfully graduated from this course sure was a COOL person since it was not an easy course. I am on my way to graduate in 2012.

Third, I have passion in everything I do and I love adventures. So, 6 months internship sure will have lots of adventures and I always love to challenge myself to do the thing that I never do before in my life. Never give up in everything. If not I am sure I will change my course. I want to challenge myself especially in my study.

So, I wish that I will be chosen to undergoing the 6 months internship :) 

Standard Chartered.. waiting for your good news ^^

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The Secret said... a CS student in Malaysia too...May i know what position u hold during your internship? This is because Im searching internship for June 2013..

Hope you can reply me..Thanks