Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Best Roommates That I Ever Had

Mei Ling, Yonk and Maya were the best roommates that I ever had. 

They were my first roommates in my life during my matric in Labuan. I felt glad to be theirs roommates. We ate together, refilled water together, jogged and bathed together at kml tangki when kml was having water shortage. We went outing together and shopping together. We talked, gossiping and laughed together. Until some of our friends envy us and wonder how we can become so close with each other even we were just "roommates". We always spent our time together after the class time.

 Our first picture using Maya's webcam

We love PIZZA and

McD !
 Edited by MoMoy

During the study week

Our 1st PSPM
 <3 the rain

Mirror - a  MUST place for taking picture for us

 Merry Christmas :)
We love do crazy thing. We had decorated our room till 2a.m for the competition and we spent almost RM 80 to buy the present papers, color papers and other decoration stuff for our room. Most of people went to our room told us that our room got home feeling. Even though we not won for the competition , we still happy because we had tried our best to decorate our room.

Decorated Mirror by US

 The craziest thing we had done was escaped from matric without permission to stay out just to join Labuan people for countdown. 3 girls went to kfc at 2a.m. We were really crazy but it was fun to spend time with them.

 Playing with the rain

Sometimes, there was misunderstanding between us still we managed to solve it. 

we had our own life, 
new friends and new environment,
but I still want to tell you girls
I MISS YOU all so muchie !!!

Hope we will have our reunion soon !

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