Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My parents were the one who always worried about me when I'm not having my meal. I mean like having rice for lunch and dinner. Sometimes, the laziness to go buy food make me skip my lunch or dinner. I usually end up with eating biscuits. I think this semester I had ate less biscuit compare to last semester where my dinner always was bread, bun or biscuit.

Last few days, when I was on phone with my mum like usual she asked me whether had my dinner or not. So unlucky I just drank milo and ate biscuit that day. Then she make joke of me "Don't later look like monkey." Both of us burst into laugh. My mum always can come out with plenty of idea about what I can eat each time when I'm complaining that I am boring with all those food I usually eat. 

Here are the new suggestion from her to me  ----- > Yogurt

I'm really lucky to have such loving mother. I miss her a lots lately. I really hope I won't make her disappointed especially in my study. Love both of you always, mummy and daddy.

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