Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Memorable Month

Hello October! October is almost come to the end and I just start to write the first post. But, it better than nothing, right?

14 October 2012 - the day that I had waited for so long after 3 years of my degree life. 
Praise to the Lord that I successfully graduated ! 
Thanks to my parents especially my papa who fly so far just to attend my convocation.
I'm glad that he able to make it.

Share the joyness with my parents after out from the hall.

Thanks to them for rushing here and there throughout my convocation started from getting the robe and mortar board, attended my big day till returned the robe and mortar board.

While waiting for our flight to Kch.

A MUST picture if you go to Kuching.. haha

No one was happier than them upon my convocation.

Thanks my siblings for coming even though they were busy with their own class.

 My little brother.. He look like my bodyguard here..haha

 My beloved sisters!

Thank you my dear family :)

Thank you mummy for such a beautiful and special flowers for my big day ^^

Super huge hello kitty from sister. 

And now I'm officially GRADUATED! 
Another milestone in life was achieved :)

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