Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Croods

I think I never step into Miri cinema for about 9 months... Can u imagine 9 months no watch movie... I wonder how I survived. Till the GSC lite was opened then only I was like a happy kid "YES" I can watch any movie I like no matter is 2D or 3D. Thank you people who make the GSC successfully to be  opened at Miri. Believe me, all Mirians are thankful. :)

I had watched the 结婚那件事2. I was really love the story line and I watched the Part 1 before that. Trust me, it was one of the best romance comedy movie I had ever watched.  Love the funny actor and pretty actress which was a perfect collaboration. 

After that movie, I had watch The Croods (3D) and that was my first 3D movie at GSC and that movie was super duper nice. Before this the Rapunzel was my favourite 3D movie. But The Croods was so awesome too. Besides, The Croods family were so cute. All the 3D effect make the whole movie more alive. Thumbs up ! 

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