Saturday, March 30, 2013

Waving from far away!

Hello my dear blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello my reader!!!! (I wonder there was any reader that still will read my blog after I was like disappeared from blog world)
I really wonder why I MIA for this 3 months. I do view my blog, read others bog but I just have no the right mood to write the blog.

I promised myself I will start update my blog frequently start from this April :)
I'm glad that I was able to get myself a job but somehow it make my life like a bored routine. My work already take my 6 days half/week so I just left one full Sunday to rest. That make me like no energy to do anything after done work.

Maybe I will start write some outdated post that happen in this few months. By the way, a friend of mine was buying a Beagle. It is a SHE dog. 

She is a medium dog which just 3 months old.
My friend asked me what name should be given to her. 
I say why don't call her "Rainy" since it was heavy downpour when we bought her.
I like her because she not barking and making noise like other dog or poddle. 
Moreover, she has short fur which no need so much maintenance for her. 

New place for her
Hope she will adapt well to the new environment and stay healthy (she is not cheap man...hahahaha)


♥strawberry said...

May I know where do you buy this beagle? From miri? how much?

Fliani said...

From Miri....The shop name is Puppy Shop which is after the herba line if u drive from GK supermarket

♥strawberry said...

I see. I guess I know where. hehe.. Thank you. :)