Saturday, November 6, 2010

Escape Day from Book & Notes

Happy Happy Day ! :)

Thanks to my uncle and aunty for rescuing me from this BORING STUDY WEEK !!!! Today outing was totally unplanned. My mum just called me and told me that my aunty was in Kuching for her exam and probably will fetch me go out. When phone talk with mum, my aunty called me on the same time and told me that they will come fetch me for lunch ... WEEEEEEE !!! Finally I can out from my room to see the outside world. HAHAHA...

We went to Sugarbun for lunch. Here was my lunch :)

 I love the fish fillet :)

After the lunch, we just do some window shopping. Then, we was attracted by the Japanese 100Yen. They was promoting their opening shop at there. There were lots of fun and cute stuff. As you know, Japanese always are so creative in their design. Randomly took some pictures of the model of transformer for my young brother . I knew he was addicted to those cartoon.

 first time saw "neck roller" -cute

Hello Kitty mouse pad

I can't stop myself when saw a lots of the bear bear at the toys part. Arghh.. .how I dream to get all this. It sound crazy rite?

the sleeping panda. No matter how I adjust it, it still look like this. =D

Then, we had our tea time at Pizza Hut since my young cousin told my uncle it time for 'minum petang'. Then her dad asked where to go for 'minum petang'. She say 'pizza hut'. Nowadays children were so cool until tea time also need to go for pizza. But at least, thanks to her because it gave me chance to try for the new Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza.

 she was so shy and refused to look at the camera

same to her ..haha

after the persuading
this time look bit better :)

Finally, our food had been served. Their service was quite fast :)

 my twister apple...NICE

 Tempura. Like this muchie

The main character-->EXTREME CHESSY 6



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