Monday, November 15, 2010

A Short Break !

After 4 papers, finally it was a week break before fighting for my last 3 paper. =)

I felt really grateful because for the past 4 papers it really going well than my expectation. Thanks GOD !!!  I hope it will going well for my last 3 papers too. 

Then, I had phone talk with my mum. So happy after talked with her.  We talked a lots. From small matter till the big and future matter. Hahahaha.... I really happy to share all my feeling with my mum about my happy and unhappy things. She's now really supportive mum. Weeee...

She told me no need to care other people's say as long I'm not doing things that wrong or not ethical. I love u mummy !!! I really will make you proud one day :)

So, after the sentimental part let's come to the more happy part. Lately, due to many people good comments for the movie "3 Idiots" , I had watched this movie. Guys., believe me it really a nice and totally different Bollywood movie. It really had a lots of moral value you will get after watching this. Highly recommend this movie to all of you. Watch it and you won't regret :) Here are the summary about the movie.

Aal Izz Well !!!

Totally love the main character----Aamir Khan !!!

 Hope to hear some comments from you all after watching this movie ^^

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