Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 with Twitter :)

After so long, I finally had joined the big family of  " TWITTER ". Same as before I signed up for Facebook, I am still learning how to tweet tweet :) Wish that I can use to it soon !

* Recently damn busy with my assignments and presentation ! I'm looking forward to go back next week =(.  HOME is where my heart belong to <3


kh said...

Dear Fliani-

Hopefully everything is sailing well for you at Unimas. Welcome to Twitter. Haha. I am on Twitter as well. As such, I wish to follow you; however, could you please give me your Twitter username? Thanks so much. Oh yeah, my Twitter username is criticflash. There are a couple of our high school friends such as Shun Ying, Amy, Chia Chia, and Ai Teng are tweeples as well. You can look for them from my profile. Happy tweeting. :D

Best wishes,

Fliani said...

Hey ... I had the twitter follow button at my blog. Wait for ur add :)