Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Year !

It was my first time back during the study week. The reason is because I want to meet my DADDY ! It was so sad when you can only meet your dad only once a year. So, I decided to come back to meet him before he fly again. =)

Even though it was just short holiday for me, I was still happy to spend my time with my family especially my daddy. Surprisingly, I got a present from my dad. Thanks for the necklace, DAD !!! 

The necklace

My first picture with him in 2011 =)

Couple of the year 2011 <3

p/s Dad, I hope that I can fast fast graduate so that you can retire early and no need to go out work again.  *finger crossed* I love u dad ! Take care of your health and all the best in your work :)

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