Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heart was so tired.

Heart, is one of the human organ which is working no matter day or night. It's keep work, work and work. When a lots of problem occur, it will start to send "RED" light. Maybe that is happen to me now. When we keep put all the matter in our heart, then one day it will burst. That why lots of depression problem occur and lead to suicide that happen everyday and everywhere. I know I shouldn't keep say out all my problem even just a tiny tiny incident because others also have their own problem.

Maybe my heart is getting older. I feel like it not like before where I can keep put all problem inside of my heart. I'm so wish that I can share it out, even the problem is still there at least I had said it out. To find the suitable person to talk is so hard now. They just not understand sometimes. It only make you feel irritating to talk to them. So, maybe that's the reason I still prefer to lock all my problems in my old heart.

When the problems is increasing, you will feel so helpless. When you show your unsatisfaction, people will say "Do you need to show that face?". It make me more speechless. I dunno how to control my expression anymore. I dunno how to act so so so happy while my heart is so so so so tired with all the !@#$%^&$^&* things that happen.

There's one of my friend said : Why seem that you are getting bully by everyone? I just can say "I dunno. I just want everyone happy even though I am not happy." I believed that this happened since I was young. I rather not speak out my unsatisfaction @ unhappiness to others. 

I just can tell my heart "Be strong". It sound so useless but it better that nothing to say to my heart.

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