Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Ghost Must Be Crazy

 "The Ghost Must Be Crazy" has two different stories entitled "The Day Off" and "The Ghost Bride". In "The Day Off", Ah Nan (John Cheng) and Ah Lei (Wang Lei) goes for their annual in-camp training and they meet a very "on" Platoon Commander. As they're about to play a prank on the Commander as a form of revenge for all the rigorous training they had to put up with, a series of strange things happen. In "Ghost Bride", Ah Hui (Henry Thia) who is unlucky in love meets a stranger, Ah Hai (Mark Lee), who promises him fortune and blessings if he seeks help from 'brothers and sisters' in the netherworld. Ah Hui does so and ends up finding a beautiful jade bangle inside a red packet. Soon after, Ah Hui strikes the lottery, but spends it all lavishly. Just when he is down in the dumps again, Ah Hai offers him another solution and something strange happens. (Retrieved from

Just from the moment we sat down and watched, we had laugh from the start till the end of the movie. All people in the cinema laughed when the movie just started.It was really a good movie to release all the stress. Never watched such a funny ghost movie. Seriously, I'm totally in love with it. Singapore movie is a another choice if we tired watch all the English movies. :) 

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