Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crocodile Farm

Since it was public holiday, we had went to the Miri Crocodile Farm yesterday. "Crocodile Farm" ??? "U never went there ?? " I think that's the question that will pop out by others Mirian who read my post.

Of course I had went there before but it was like 10 years ago !!!! OMGosh.... It was really a long long time ago. My youngest brother was never went there before since we all went there before we will tell him there's nothing to see. Just some crocodile. (Nobody want to bring him to go actually...hahaha). But he never give up to ask mom to bring he to go there. That's how we end up at Crocodile Farm yesterday.

We reached there around 11am. When we want buy the ticket, the guy told us it cost us RM15/ person !!! WOW... 10 years before the ticket was just few ringgit !!! But, mom say never mind. So, after paid the money, we were gave a tag which looked like the tag you getting when you go Genting Highlands.

So, we were spending the RM15?? Take as much as crazy and funny pictures around the farm. Here are some photos that had been taken during our visit to the farm.

 The entrance

 Mr Crocodile :)

A funny picture that I saw when I just entered the entrance. Is it mean drink beers can make us look more young? haha...

It was fun time to have some break with my family. All of us camwhoring like crazy people include my mummy :) Hope to have another trip @ visit like this again soon ! Thank you to Crocodile Farm :)

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