Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Please, I no need such comment !

It's May people !!!

Today, I had just done with my another paper. ANN - artificial neural network ! It mean I still have 3 more papers to go before I end my second year. It's a happy thing but when I think about my FYP, my final year and my future. Please..... time .... move bit slower :) 

I can't wait to FINISH all my papers this FRIDAY ! Then , I will fly to KL for my industrial visit. Wish that will have a good time with my coursemate since it is my first time to step on the land named "Kuala Lumpur" after lived for 20++  years in MALAYSIA.

So, here come the main reason I write this post with such topic today ! "Please, I no need such comment! 
From my recent post , I was surprise to see an this comment  "This is just web polution. Please, stop writing when you have nothing to say! Thank you. " 

I was really sad. Seriously sad to see such a "motivating" comment. For the anonymous , you really done a good job. You're welcome! Sorry to tell you that I will write what I want since it is my blog. As long I am not offend anyone !

Even though I love my readers to comment, it still have limit for you to comment. Don't you think yourself also do some web pollution in my blog here ? Just think about it. 



Emilly Amisa said...

OmG~ who the hell would post comment like that? If they post like dat on my blog, I sure sad o... rili sad... coz u noe i oso like to post abt my daily life n post random pic of my cat... huhu...

i think u should chge setting of ur posting...for safety

IMAfiq said...

i agree with Emilly

IMAfiq said...

this is your right...not others