Sunday, May 22, 2011

Industrial Visit ( Part 2 )

What: Industrial Visit ( CADS, Petrosains)
When: 9 May 2011 - 13 May 2011
Where: Around KL

Day 3:

Let's continue to the day 3 of the trip. We had went to the CADS ( Cerebral Palsy, Autism-ADHD, Down Syndrome-Dyslexia, Slow Learners) . 

CADS is an enhancement centre that help disability children with down syndrome, dyslexic children. Some of them look so normal. They just not so perfect in their cognitive.

There's a 14 year-old girl that amazed me a lots. She was diagnosed brittle bone since she was young. Her physical appearance was just look like a 2-3 years old child. But, her cognitive was just normal. She can read, write, count and do normal people can do. She can even sms and she had her own facebook. 

That's how she spent her day in her class. Her movement was so limited. But when you heard that she can read well, you will really felt "wow". I realized that we as normal people really need study hard because even she can be so dedicated and never gave up in her life. 

Group photo at CADS

After CADS our next place to visit is the Petrosains at KLCC. With RM9.60, you can experience a lots and what I can say "It was worth !! ".

Believe it or not? It was my first time to see the Twin Towers !!! It was nice and I'm feel proud as Malaysian :)

 Jom, back to MIRI :D

The rapping dinosaur.

 Me- the astronaut

 Experiencing Hurricane

Music, Art & Science

~ End of day 3 ~

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