Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Industrial Visit ( Part 3 )

What: Industrial Visit ( DCA and Penjara Sg. Buloh)
When: 9 May 2011 - 13 May 2011
Where: Around KL

Day 4:

DCA - Department of Civil Aviation at KLIA was our next destination. Usually, we just went to airport, check in, boarding and fly. We will curious what is actually people at the control tower is doing. It was lucky for us got the chance to go to the tower to look into how they were controlling the traffic at the runaway. We really had learnt a lot at DCA :)

Penjara Sg Buloh is a place where people seldom can go. Of course we not go visit the penjara. But we had knew how the life of the prisoners and how the hukum "sebat" and "hukuman gantung sampai mati" was done. Lots of pictures which you will never see at any media had been shown to us. It was a good memory of the trip !

 The rotan that used.

 The way they spot check the prisoners.

He is responsible to "SEBAT" people. 

The tali gantung that used for hukuman gantung. It worth RM10,000++.

~ End of Day 4 ~


Razmilla Hamid said...

so you go to watch how to behave like a sick sadistic pervert with no regard for human rights - especially of those too weak or poor to defend themselves against corrupt and discriminatory laws? What a sick evil society you live in.

Razmilla Hamid said...

Perhaps you can explain how you have 'good memories' from seeing photographs that the prison authorities are too ashamed to publish and that are a record of the depraved inhuman torture your nation seems so proud of? You are obviously a sick pervert.