Thursday, June 2, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because...

I used to watch tv show about makeover of house and I really wish that my home will get such chance too in future :) Nippon Paint Makeover ?? Wow.... it is just come on time.

Why I say so? This is because my house was already age around 15++ years and only now we had slowly renovate our love house. My mother is the important person that usually playing role in renovate our house. So, I believe Nippon Paint can meet her requirement since she is quite picky and choosy.

For the makeover, I would like to choose our living room.  Living room is like the centre of my house. Everyone in my house will gather there for watching television, for relaxing and others activities. My mother always wish to paint the living room but no idea what color is suitable.

The living room :)

Yeah, as you can see the paint at the wall start to crack and you can easily peel it off use your hand.

"I like Nippon Paint because it is one of the good and trusted paint’s brand in Malaysia. Besides that, the resistance of the paint to the weather of surrounding is high. As Malaysia weather is the combination of dry and humid, Nippon Paint is totally suitable for the paint of the house. Moreover, there are variety of color to choose and I believe the color from Nippon Paint can make huge difference to my living room. "

There are a lots of other activities that held by Nippon Paint. So guys, just click Nippon Paint Blobbies Facebook page for more information.

Wish to hear good news from Nippon Paint soon. :)

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