Saturday, June 18, 2011

No Him, No Me.

Happy Father's Day to all father in the world.

 "Happy Father's Day to my DADDYYYYY" !!!! I shout out loud so that the sound can travel all over the sea and jungles. Hope my father can hear it. Hope he can feel it. We really miss him here.

It so sad when he was not here with us. We seldom had chance to celebrate Father's Day and his birthday because he need work. I really envy those which their's daddy no need went so far for work. They can see their's father everyday. From young, my dad had to work far away from home. He got holiday which only a week in two months.  Now even worse, he only can back once in one year. That's why I came back during my study week during April. I know if I back during my holidays, he sure had went back to and I will miss the chance to see him after A YEAR !

My father was like a friend to us. He really seldom scold us. Maybe because he spent lesser time with us. But, I like to talk to my daddy because he is a funny man. I still remember that he even called me when I had class during his holidays this year. Then, I answered his call and ask why he was called. He said "I'm boring." I burst out laughing after heard his answer. Then, we talked a lots. I felt happy to talk with him. I still remembered that he told me that he want retired early. That make me felt so sad. How I wish I can work and earn money so that he no need work anymore. I wish to let him rest earlier and enjoy his time with my mum.

2010 - took during sent off daddy

The only picture with him in 2011

Dear Daddy,
Thank you for everything that you had done to this family. Happy Father's Day to you. We really miss u lots. You always in our prayer. Take care when work and come back safely next year. I will try my best to finish my final year and graduate on time. I will make you proud ! *Hugs for you daddy*.

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