Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

So, here I come to the second task for nuffnang "DiGi iPhone 4 the win". All nuffnanger can  click to know more about the contest.

iPhone was not only a usual phone. You can do more than just calling or sms.  It was because it consists of a lot of fun and cool application will make your life totally CHANGE ! The application was suitable for all level of age and gender.

Let me introduce one of the iPhone application which was one of my favourite =)

As a student, time management is really important for me.  I think all students sure want the information or anything related with their studies by just a click. iPhone "application for student" will not let you down.

The application was AWESOME. National geograpahic, Nasa, Periodic, Oxford Dictionary and mores. Even a dictionary was included in the application. Can you imagine how easy your life gonna to be without had to bring the thick and heavy dictionary to class ? I'm sure all of us as students totally love this.

Besides that, I like the iStudiez Pro. It like a diary which can help you track of all your assignments and stay on course for the next big exam. You can just write down all the due date or exam date and iPhone can push notifications that display on your iPhone no matter what app you are using. So, you will never miss out any important dates ^^

One more thing is the periodic table. You can carry the entire of the periodic table wherever you are going. Oh gosh, I cant believe that student's life will be such a easy way nowadays. "Star walk" is another cool app. It is a built in compass and it will knows where you are in the universe. you just need to tilt your iPhone to the sky and it will follow your movements to show you what you are seeing. I think it quite suit me since I'm not good in direction...hahaha...

SEE....this is just one of my favourite application and there are lots more of other application that available.

Click this link to download variety of application for iPhone.

After writing all this, it make more want to win the iPhone :)

I'm start to dream what I am going to do if I won the iPhone...haha..

 Will this happen to you one day ? :)

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