Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mooncake Festival

Eventhough it was a lonely Mooncake Festival without my family again, 
still LIFE need to go on :)

Mooncake festival was all about mooncake,lantern, and last but not least the MOON !

I  still love the traditional "tanglung".

Facebook was a really a good media for you to get know what happen at your hometown no matter where you are. Some photos that I grabbed about what happening in Miri^^

Miri City Fan

It make me more miss the time when I was young playing lantern with my brothers and sisters. When we are growing up, I found out that there were lesser time for us to gather and play together like when we were young. 
So it make me really appreciate the time that I had with my family now :)

中秋节快乐 to all :)

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