Friday, September 3, 2010

Kuching to Miri

Finally, I had reached to my home!!!! It gonna be two weeks holiday for me.Weee.....

Today is the first time in my life that I am almost late for check in. I arrived at airport 45 minutes before my flight time. Then, AirAsia couter fulled with people >.<....OMG!!! Lucky, they open another counter for us check in because there were really lots of people was going to Miri. After check in, I was told directly to board since that time was 1215pm. Everything was rush,rush, rush and rush. 

Long queue at the counter to check in!!

But after arrived at Miri, I forgot everything that unhappy. I mean the time that I almost late for check in. I really love MIRI so much. 

Love the sky, 
Love the car, 
Love the road,
Love the food,
Love the plant,
Love the people,

Now I'm at home sweet home online and relaxing:)

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