Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just... Why?

It was so sad when you know the friend of yours was that kind of person. You will never knew that when was they were going to betray you. But when you knew it, people start to look at you in different way. 

You will never know WHY they were acting in such way. There are a lot of WHY in my mind today. Is it a need for them to act like that?

Sorry people, this post gonna be a totally BORED post. 

FRIENDS?? Should I believe them??

I had been disappointed so many times but I'm still so stupid for so easily believe people. Many people around me including my family, my best friends told me not to BELIEVE others easily. Times will show to you whether they can be believed or not. But I'm keep fail to do so. 

From matric, I started to learn all this. People will be selfish just to achieve their aim. I know there are still good and kind people in this world. However, I only wonder WHY some people need to act in such way.

Surprisingly, today a friend of mine told me that I should not write everything in the blog since my blog was public accessed. Some people will read and attack you from your weakness. FB, blog was just a media for me to express myself out. 

So, if you had a non good motive , I think better get off my blog.

I try not to be rude but the condition had make me feel so unsecured. 

I no need such people to view my blog. THANKssssss......

I just want to be myself :)


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