Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pitaya @ Dragon Fruit

I'm gonna blog about dragon fruit this time. 

Pitaya or commonly known as dragon fruit was one of the healthy fruit nowadays. It is a good source of vitamin C and rich in fiber and minerals. In Taiwan, the diabetics  even use the fruit to substitute rice for source of energy. Dragon fruit also contain significant antioxidants which can prevent us from cancer. So, it is really a good choice for your daily diet.

Really thanks to my daddy and mummy for plant the dragon fruit near our house. So, we can have fresh fruit everyday. The most important it was FREE from pesticides.

 The Dragon Fruit Tree

 I love the color of it

Usually I will eat it raw. But, today it is my first time to blend it into juice. Surprisingly, it taste so good. I can say it is better than eat raw. You just have to add water and blend it with the fruit. NO SUGAR @ SWEETENER IS NEEDED . Moreover, it can make you feel full. 

I'm so in love with DRAGON FRUIT JUICE !!!!

So guys , why don't give a try with dragon fruit juice next time?

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