Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Mood

Merry Christmas is all about the birth of the Jesus Christ to the world. I took this  at the church when attended for the Christmas Eve mass. From this picture, we can see the main gist of Merry Christmas :) 

 my lil sister <3

This year should a special Merry Christmas since I was celebrated it with my family. Previous years, my family usually back to "kampung" and I was not joined them. This year was different since we celebrate it in Miri. We went to church together for mass and  had family dinner. Even though we just celebrated it in moderate ( compared to CNY) , I'm still can feel the joyful of the Merry Christmas.

  The keyword of Christmas- Emmanuel (God With Us)

25122010 @ Tasty Point

Wish all my family, friends and my readers a Merry Christmas and enjoy your day with your loved one. 



ahjoy said...

which church u went???

Fliani said...

St Joseph Cathedral