Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shukie Cafe @ Miri

 Shukie Cafe was the place where my family and I usually had our lunch after the mass.

I love the design, the color of the wall in the cafe. The color make you feel joyful.

I knew Shukie Cafe when my sister tagged me in Facebook for their nasi lemak. "Nasi Lemak" sound nothing special but it was my first time to see such big size of nasi lemak. 

 Nasi Lemak Shukie

 1 whole egg+ the anchovies+ sambal + cucumber + some keropok + the drumstick

The Menu~

Hot Teh C
It not like some Teh C which was too sweet. Their Teh C was just nice.

When I ordered this, I really didn't expected it will come with rice. Their cooked the rice with onion and put some pepper which make it special.

Malaysian Meal
A brave combination of Malay ( sambal and curry), Chinese (pau) and India ( roti canai) food.

Mee Jawa

The special of their mee jawa was the kuah not curry. It was some sort kuah that we ate with satay. It was not curry. My brother tried this and gave a good comment.

Nasi Goreng

Wantan Soup 

 Overall, the food were nice. Maybe they should add more choices in their menu because there are not much choices. Anyway, GOOD JOB to SHUKIE CAFE :)


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