Monday, December 13, 2010

Miri Christmas Parade 2010

Oh no... I had abandoned my blog for one week ! Due to laziness and bit busyness, I had not update my blog. So here I am again to blog what I had done during my weekend.

For all Miri Christian people, I bet you all sure had a fun time last Saturday night.  For your information, it was Miri Christmas Parade on 11 Dec 2010. All people from different church were gathered a Miri City Fan. Many people were came to see the only giant Xmas tree at there.

 During the day

During night

The Christmas tree looked so nice during night. Lots of Mirian were there just to snap a picture with it.

So, back to the event. This year, Catholic church was the organizer for the event and each church will take turn to organize it. The Chief Minister of Sarawak had came to officiate the parade. 

People Mountain People Sea :)

 Evening sky in Miri

The Catholic 
After done with speech and talk, then it was time for us to start the parade. The route was started from the City Fan. It was my first time to join the parade and I was bit blur about how it should be going. We started the parade around 630pm. Before waiting for our Catholic turn, I managed to take some pictures :)
My fatty bro and mom

Then it was our turn. We walked and shouted "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to other Miri citizen that stand and watched us at beside of the road. I really felt great to walk on the middle of the road without worrying car was gonna hit you...hahaha... It really a cool experience for me. We also sang the Christmas song during the parade. I can feel the joyful even though Christmas is still few weeks to go.
 Blurry pic snap using my hp. I wish I can own a better camera.
After walk for almost 1 hour ++ , we finally reached the end point. Everyone was tired of shouting and singing. But still, smile was on everyone face too :)
Take a break with pepsi !
Took this picture before going back (Requested by mum)
 It was really a sweet memory to be with all the people that night. All were seem a family even though you dunno them. Last but not least, I wish everyone have a very happy and blessed Merry Christmas no matter where you are :)
Merry Christmas.. HOHOHOHO

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