Friday, December 3, 2010

A Warm Celebration

Sometimes, a celebration no need to be so grand. A small and warm celebration is really enough. Last night, we had celebrated my grandmother's (we used to call her ah ma) birthday. 

 It was her 78th birthday. 

 Cake of the Night

After sang the birthday song to ah ma, it was time for the cutting cake session. Ah ma also not sabar to cut the cake already. She was so cute :)

This like the game "Spot the difference"

After my uncle's done gave ah ma ate the cake, then it's time for group photo time and "makan makan" .

My Family and ah ma - PEACE :)

My uncle's family
Eat, Play & Talk

I love to spend the time with my family. We eat, play and have fun together.

Lastly, I will end this post with my pictures with my ah ma. 

From me to ah ma :

Thanks to my Ah Ma for taking care of me when I was still a baby. Even though now I had grew up and lesser time with her, I still appreciate what she had done before. I knew she won't read this but I still want to tell her that 

"Ah Ma, you're a great ah ma. I love u. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and STAY HEALTHY ! "

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