Monday, December 6, 2010

Girls Love Desserts

 ~Desserts @ Imperial Mall~

Girls and dessert was seem a combination. I believe most of the girls love desserts. Yesterday, my sister, mummy and I went to Desserts after few hours of shopping. 
As usual, my mummy ordered her favorite drink coffee. She really addicted with coffee. The ice blended coffee was nice. I love the smell of the coffee. 
 ~ice blended coffee~

 Mummy playing with her drink

I had ordered the ice cream after so long of thinking what should I have. Vanilla and Christmas Pudding were my choice. I like the ice-cream cone because it was special and smell nice. 
Crispy Ice cream Cone

My mum and I had camwhore a lots with the ice cream. Can you imagine that the ice-cream not like usual ice cream which melts easily. That make more love the ice cream :)

Oh ! Ice cream <3

My mummy and I- Do we look alike?
Since the ice cream not easily melt and we were so boring, so mummy had put the icre-cream into the drink hole. Then use straw to suck the ice cream..hahaha.... I really surprised to see my mum's cute side :)
It's my mummy idea..haha 
 She's cute

Finally, it's time for me to eat my ice-cream. I was really enjoyed the desserts time with them. 
 Sorry ice cream :)
Thanks to my little sister as our photographer ! Credit to her :)


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